The Old Wesson School
Today, I (Brandi) knocked off a bucket list location! During the summer while on vacation, I was informed about the building you see here, the Old Wesson School. The story I was told (by a very reliable source) surrounded the preparation for a wedding. With only two people in the entire building, both on the bottom floor, they both heard something running as fast as it possible could toward them. To say the least, they were terrified and thought for sure someone had snuck into the building. No one snuck in. They were still the only two in the building. Upon hearing this story, I was thrown into researching the building, history, and the hauntings. 
The original school was built in 1889 and served as a school until 1964. The original building was destroyed in 1890 and the building, as seen, was built in 1895. There have been more strange occurrences in this building can you could possibly count. From full blown apparitions, piano music, rocking chairs moving on their own, and even voices and the feeling of being grabbed are all normal occurrences here but there's no historically proven reason for the hauntings. But, it's impossible to ignore that many eyewitness accounts, but I hope one day, I get to check the inside out myself. Until then, I'll be sorting through photos from today to see if anything weird shows up. Make sure you Google the Old Wesson School and check out the many accounts and paranormal investigations that have been done there.  Until next time :)  

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Sunsets are near and dear to the heart of the Backroads team. Mark and Brandi have been known to lay in the middle of a road, crawl through thorn filled bushes, and even cross creeks in the winter time in order to get the perfect sunset photo. This was taken in Improve, MS.
Backroads and Burgers came about purely by accident. Once or twice a month, Mark and his wife Amelia, myself, and our friend Jeni, load up and point the vehicle in a direction. Every trip we posted on our social media accounts and gradually we started hearing people say, "Y'all really need to start a travel and food blog." We played with the idea for several months, but, in November, we decided to make it come to fruition. We hope you'll follow along as we find some of the most delicious foods these backroads can offer, while also discovering little-known historical sites.
Even though the Backroads team loves burgers, they often search out the most unique eatery, regardless if there are burgers involved or not. This photo is from Sully's in Hattiesburg, hands down a favorite of the B&B Staff and the best burger in the state according to Brandi.
  Photos from our Adventures


This is a small compilation of some of the photos we have taken during our adventures.  If you are interested in purchasing any of these pictures, please send your request through the Contact Us section on this page.
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