10 reasons to Visit Irving, Texas

Irving, Texas is one of the most eclectic and unique suburbs of Dallas and there are so many reasons why you need to make a trip there! Here are our 10 reasons to visit Irving!

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Irving, Texas is one of the most eclectic and unique suburbs of Dallas and there are so many reasons why you need to make a trip there! Here are our 10 reasons to visit Irving!

Toyota Music Factory: This entertainment hub sits directly in the middle of Las Colinas and is home to live music, a theatre, and some of the best restaurants in Irving. Its central location makes it a popular spot for locals and tourist alike and that’s easy to see once you visit! 

Location: Located just a few miles north of Dallas and Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, Irving is the 93rd most populous city in the country and home to eight Fortune 500 and four Fortune 1000 companies. Irving is home for more than 8,500 companies – large, small, and mid-size. With more than 140 international companies currently operating throughout the city, Irving is striving to be the leading international business center in America.

Restaurants: the beauty of Irving’s location mean that there are hundreds of restaurants that have influences from a variety of area. We ate at a hand full of restaurants while in town and never experienced one bad meal! No matter what you’re craving, Irving has it! There is a strong local eatery trend here and it couldn’t be more beautiful or well-received!

Mandalay Canal: Lake Caroline and the Mandalay Canal offers one of the coolest experiences for those that enjoy the outdoors. You can either kayak or paddle board around or enjoy a private gondola experience. SUP (Stand Up Paddle North Texas) and Gondola Adventures are the people to look to for such an adventure.

Mustangs of Las Colinas: This is a magnificent sculpture that captures and immortalizes the spirit of Texas’ heritage. The running horses are representative of the sense of free spirit prevalent throughout the state, both in past times and the present. Both sculptures are awe-inspiring and deserve a stop the next time you’re in Irving!

Las Colinas: Most visitors to Irving aren’t even aware of the history of Las Colinas. Founded in 1973 by Ben Carpenter, Las Colinas is a 12,000-acre master-planned business and residential community in Irving, Texas, near the center of the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area. The property was originally the Carpenter’s Hackberry Creek Ranch, also referred to as “El Ranchito de Las Colinas,” or “the little ranch of the hills.” It is hands down one of the most unique communities you will find in the United States. 

Texican Court: Texican Court, by Valencia Hotel Group in Visit Irving, Texas was one of the most unique accommodations we’ve ever had the pleasure of enjoying! This boutique hotel was styled as a old motor lodge and the rooms were best described as eclectic with various influences and amenities. In addition to a fire pit, workout room, and swimming pool, the property also has 2 Two Mules Cantina and the Salt Tequila bar. The next time you find yourself in Irving, there is no other place to stay than this Las Colinas property!

History: for Irving to be a relatively young city (a little over 100 years old) it still has a strong history and parts of this story are told throughout the city at a variety of locations. Our friends at Irving Archives and Museum tell the story the city with interactive exhibits and educational programs for all ages!

Arts and Entertainment: The Irving Arts Center, owned by the city, is a home for the arts, housing 10 resident arts organizations. Resident Organizations provide cultural programs for the community, and opportunities to participate in the creative process. Community members can play a role in front of the curtain as musicians, actors, and artists, or behind the scenes as planners, technicians, directors and more. The Irving Arts Center is also a Smithsonian Affiliate. Additionally, Pinstack is a tech-savvy bowling complex that has bowling, laser tag, and much more. Most restaurants in the area also offer lives music on the weekends!

Water Street: if you have ever wanted to visit one street that seems to have it all, it is this one! With roads and paths leading directly to Lake Caroline, the Water Street District has a list of restaurants that offer the most unique and interesting menu items! Another great aspect of Water Street is that it sits nearly in the center of Las Colinas so most of the arts and entertainment venues are within walking distance. Finally, visitors can also have breakfast and then hop in a kayak just a couple of hundred feet away, just like we did! 


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