10 Reasons to Visit the Mississippi Grammy Museum

Mississippi has more GRAMMY nominees and winners than any other state so it makes sense that the Magnolia State would be home to this world class museum. Located in Cleveland, this museum needs to be on your bucket list!

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Mississippi has more GRAMMY nominees and winners than any other state so it makes sense that the Magnolia State would be home to this world class museum. Located in Cleveland, this museum needs to be on your bucket list!

It’s All Things Music

            Mississippi has had some impact on every genre of music that exists. The Mississippi GRAMMY Museum is about all thing’s music, both statewide and nationally. It is easy to see the Mississippi connection as soon as you enter the museum. Regardless of your favorite type of music, you will be enthralled with this incredible location. 

Permanent Exhibits

The permanent exhibits in the museum are innovative, educational, and fun! They start with the history of the GRAMMY Awards and even have on display awards won by various artist. The artifacts give you a unique look at the best performances and red carpet moments no one will forget soon!

Special Exhibits

            The museum has some of the most incredible exhibits, including Special Exhibits that are only available for a short amount of time. The two special exhibits currently on display are MTV Turns Forty: I Still Want My MTV, which is on display until January 1, 2023, and explores the history of MTV and how the man who created it, Robert Pittman, was from Jackson. The other exhibit, The Sounds of Southern Rock traces its roots back to the Allman Brothers Band in the late 1960s, exploding into its own genre of southern rock and roll. The artifacts for both exhibits are fascinating and will jog some memories! This exhibit closes September 3, 2023. 


If you follow the GRAMMY’s and have watched the awards show, you will know that the artists come in style, some terrible, others beautiful but all remembered! You will find several of these outfits adorning the walls of the museum from the celebrities that have walked the red carpet. Additionally, stage props, musical instruments, and more collectibles from numerous artists and eras take you back to when you heard their songs or saw them on stage. 

Interactive Exhibits

            Children and adults alike love the interactive exhibits in the GRAMMY Museum. The History of Dance Exhibit includes a colorful dance floor for visitors to learn the moves of dance fads through the years. You can also visit the interactive pod where you can write and record your own blues song! Finally, take your turn playing one of the iconic instruments used in performances by some of the world’s leading musicians, including B.B. King and Bruno Mars

Educational Opportunities 

            Student group tours are available outside of the normal business hours and teachers can even receive a guide that will help them plan lessons around the visit! Additionally, there are also workshops and educational programs throughout the year. 

Special Programs 

            At least once a month, the museum holds a special event, inviting the public to participate and learn. Recently, they had, Have Yourself A Delta Little Christmas, The Great Ball of Fire, and the Latin Music Family Day. Make sure to contact the museum for upcoming special event. 

Host Your Own Event 

            We could not imagine a cooler place to hold a birthday party, wedding reception, or any other type of special event but the GRAMMY Museum has the space and welcomes you to host your events here! Make sure you check out their website on the steps to take to host a successful event. 

The Grammy Store

            The GRAMMY Store offers a little bit of everything! You can shop as you go into the museum or as you come out! Books of all kinds, t-shirts, and GRAMMY logoed gifts are perfect for Christmas presents or any other event. If you are looking for a present for someone special, stop in and see what you can find!

Mississippi’s Grammy Connection

            The Los Angeles based GRAMMY Museum decided to open a sister museum in Cleveland in 2016 as a testament to Mississippi’s rich musical heritage in blues, country, gospel, rock, and all other genres. GRAMMY winners from Mississippi common, as B.B. King won 16 of the prestigious awards and Muddy Water with 7. Visitors to the Mississippi GRAMMY Museum will not be able to ignore Mississippi’s cultural impact on the musical industry.


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