10 Reasons Why WestGate Luxury Condominiums are World-Class Accommodations

We have had the pleasure of staying at a lot of locations throughout the country but it is very hard to match what we experienced at WestGate Luxury Condominiums in Tuscaloosa!

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We have had the pleasure of staying at a lot of locations throughout the country but it is very hard to match what we experienced at WestGate Luxury Condominiums in Tuscaloosa!

Location: if being near campus or downtown Tuscaloosa are requirements for you, then look no further than Westgate. This luxury condo literally sits in the shadow of Bryant-Denny Stadium and is mere feet from the campus. Additionally, you can walk to The Strip for restaurants or nightlife. Westgate is centrally located to everything in Tuscaloosa, including downtown., making it spot you’ll love to call home during your stay. 

Luxurious/Amenities: there’s no denying that WestGate is luxurious! In addition to the Wolf and SubZero appliances, every condo has quartz countertops, glass tile backsplashes, and hardwood floors. The luxuries do not stop here! Each condominium also has a private balcony that allows visitors to get up close and personal on game days by immersing themselves in the sights and sounds of SEC and Alabama football!

Skygate Club and Terrace: Almost a replica of the benefits skybox visitors get at Bryant-Denny Stadium, the SkyGate Club and Terrace is 9,000 feet of rooftop fun! This incredible space allows WestGate owners and their guests a prime-time location to tailgate and experience gameday in Tuscaloosa! 

Unique and spacious floorplans: So many times, you rent a condo and they have been hyped up so much that you are not sure what you are getting. That is not the case at WestGate! The condos can range from 2 to 5 bedrooms, with the penthouse suites hosting the latter. Each condo, regardless of the number of bedrooms, offers one of the most incredible experiences you will ever have, including being spacey and offering one of the best nights away from your home ever!

Covered Parking: Parking safely and close to your accommodations is something visitors can expect at Westgate! In addition to on-site parking in front of the building there is also covered parking, which does require a badge to enter. The covered parking lot leads right to the elevator to get you into the building.

Availability to campus/football: If you are an Alabama or SEC fan, there is not better accommodations in the country than Westgate!! From your condo, you are literally just steps from any of the gates at Bryant-Denny Stadium. Additionally, you are just a few blocks from anywhere on the campus. No matter what brings you to Tuscaloosa, this is the place for you! 

More than just a condo: One of the first things we noticed when we arrived at WestGate is that it felt like home. So many places we stay around the country feel as though we are borrowing a night. But, when we got checked in and relaxed, it felt as though we had been here a dozen times before. This is more than just a condo. This is a family atmosphere, for all ages, and one of the best sleeps you can find! We are already looking forward to our next stay!

Investment Opportunities: There are so many options for individuals and businesses that are interested in securing an investment property. A quick trip over to the WestGate website will show you the properties that are available, their floor plan, and asking price. In our world today, it is never a bad time to look at investing in a successful and well-established condo. 

VIP staff: As soon as we checked in, we were greeted with the most incredible staff that gave us a rundown on everything we needed to know from the security measures to the special details about our unit. To say they are the VIP of the condominiums would be an understatement because everyone that walked through their doors were treated like royalty. 

Private Balcony: Every unit at WestGate has its own private balcony where you can relax and enjoy evenings or drink your coffee early in the morning. We can only imagine the sights and sounds from the balcony on gameday! This small addition to the units makes a big difference in setting them apart from others you may have visited before. 


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