5 Outdoor Activities You Must Enjoy in Gulf County, Florida

Gulf County offers so many amazing activities to involve yourself in that there is not a chance you will get bored!

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There are so many amazing outdoor activities in Gulf County, Florida that it is simply impossible to just pick one. With some of the best weather in the country, most visitors and locals spend most of their time outside and soaking up the sun!


            The Port City Trail is for biking and walking and provides all the outdoors scenery and fun you can handle. At just over 4 miles long, this lighted and paved trail gives visitors and locals a look at several area parks in Port St. Joe. We have had the pleasure of riding the trail once but if we lived there, it would be a daily occurrence. 


            Most people do not think of hiking when it comes to the Gulf Coast area, but Gulf County has many unique trails that lead to some incredible scenes. St. Joseph Bay State Buffer Preserve has trails that will get your heart thumping due to moving through the sand. In the T.H. Stone St. Joseph Memorial State Park lies one of our favorite trails we have ever done. The Maritime Hammock Trail offers multiple types of terrain, including dirt, sand, and wood but leads to one of the most beautiful scenes you could ever find. Branch out, find a trail, and prepare to be amazed. 


            Port St. Joe sits on the edge of St. Joseph Bay. The water there is pristine and a direct connection to the Gulf of Mexico allows for an abundance of saltwater fish, dolphins, and turtles to make their way in the calm and relaxed bay. Due to its clear waters and beautiful scenery, kayaking is a popular activity in the bay. In addition to just regular kayaks, many excursion companies also rent out clear kayaks that have bright colored lights in them. This not only provides amazing photographic opportunities but also allows you to see the marine animals up close and personal. Many kayakers love going out for sunset on the bay. This may be one of the coolest things you can do in Gulf County.


            Gulf County offers more than 40 miles of shoreline, ensuring you have come to the right place if you love beachcombing. If you love finding new seashells, driftwood, or even sand dollars, you could find a treasure trove of all of these on both the St. Joseph Bay and on the beaches of Cape San Blas. This is truly an activity you could spend hours doing in Gulf County. 


            For some reason, so many people assume you cannot have a successful snorkeling trip unless you are in the islands. But some of the most beautiful snorkeling in the southeast is right here in Gulf County, Florida. St. Joseph Bay stretches 15 miles north to south and offers some of the richest sea life in the area. If you are staying in Cape San Blas, you can walk right into the Gulf of Mexico or St. Joseph Bay in several areas. Otherwise, if you need a way out in the bay or gulf, rent a pontoon boat or get a guide to take you to your destination. 


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