5 Restaurants in Tupelo You Don’t Want to Miss

Tupelo is known for their culinary adventures and this is 5 of the restaurants you do not want to miss!

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It is no secret that Tupelo is one of our favorite towns. But, what if I told you, they also garnered some of the best restaurants in the state as well! While we were in Tupelo for Elvis Festival 2021, we had the opportunity to try out a little bit of everything from the local restaurants and we were not disappointed anywhere! Forklift, 1103 W. Jackson St. This restaurant thrives on taking traditional southern dishes to the next level and they do so beautifully! Their appetizer menu includes everything from a chef’s charcuterie board to mussels, and chicken wings that are described as “stupid hot.” Under their salad menu, they have a traditional wedge but the roasted beet salad with goat cheese and orange segments sticks out. Finally, the hardest part of this meal is deciding which entrée you will enjoy. Steaks, short ribs, duck breast, and even a cauliflower steak adorn the short but stacked dinner menu. I can say from experience, this is one of the most unique and delicious restaurants we have ever had the pleasure of dining in.

Connie’s Fried Chicken, 821 South Gloster St. Oh, my goodness! This is the best breakfast in Tupelo! We woke up hungry our second day in Tupelo and Connie’s was on the agenda. Their made from scratch chicken biscuits were absolutely delicious. However, we did not get the homemade white gravy on ours and have been told by our followers that we missed a tremendous flavor without it. So, when you go and when we return, make sure to try the chicken biscuits with white gravy! You absolutely cannot leave Connie’s without getting a homemade, deep fried blueberry donut. This cake-like donut will literally melt in your mouth long before you get a chance to chew it. This has to be your breakfast spot when you visit Tupelo. It has been a mainstay for many, many years and people nationwide love it so they cannot all be wrong! Tell Jay, the owner, that we sent you!

Kermit’s Soul Kitchen, 124 West Main St.Calling a building that is over 140 years old home and offering some of the most eclectic combinations of food and drink in Tupelo, Kermit’s Soul Kitchen has a knack for delicious smoked meats and delectable side items. Being the sister restaurant of The Neon Pig, they get all their local grass fed cows, heritage pigs, and free range chickens supplied through the Pig’s old time butcher shop. They strive to use only farm fresh ingredients and through this farm to table mentality, they deliver some of the most delicious and freshest foods in the state. At Kermit’s you can focus on the delicious and healthy salads and bowls, or dive right in to their wings and things. Their sandwiches and smoke shop items are out of this world.

Fairpark Grill, 343 East Main St.After walking the Running with Elvis 5k on Saturday morning, we were starving! We ended up at Fairpark Grill (directly across from Fair Park and City Hall) for their famous brunch. We were so excited to see that they had just re-opened their Bloody Mary bar that day and it was an extensive selection for all the Mary lovers out there! Their brunch menu is extensive and offers everything from a full meal to healthy brunch items. We decided on the steak and eggs and were not disappointed. One thing you can guarantee from Fairpark Grill is that you will leave with a full tummy and still have money in your wallet!

Neon Pig, 1203 North Gloster St.Located in an unassuming strip mall, your expectations are blown away as soon as walk in. You are instantly met with the bar and coolers full of local and domestic beers. This old fashioned butcher shop offers up some of the finest cuts of meat and delicious meals you will find in Tupelo! We enjoyed their charcuterie and the world famous smash burger that combines filet, sirloin, ribeye, New York strip, and bacon into one of the most delicious creations you will ever consume. Thrillest named the smash burger the best hamburger in America and the Food Network named the Pig one of the top places to eat in America. Tupelo is packed full of some of the best culinary adventures that the Magnolia State has to offer. But, we know for a fact that you cannot go wrong with the five we think are the best restaurants in Tupelo!


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