Idea to become a blogger was born.

Late this year, after traveling and visiting several
locations, several followers on our social media started telling us we needed
to blog about our adventures so the idea was born and we eventually came up
with the name based on the beautiful backroads in the south and delicious
burgers we found along the way.

Founded Backroads and Burgers and built first website

Found Backroads and Burgers and built first website. Our first one was through GatorHost and it was rough to say the least.

Built second website

We built our second website through Wix and it was much better

Almost disbanded because of COVID-19 and burnout

Almost disbanded because of COVID-19 and burnout. It was so hard to do what we loved the most during the pandemic. After being left with the business alone, Brandi was not sure she wanted to continue.

Rebranded with the help of Dori Lowe

After approaching Dori and discussing the issues with Backroads, we decided mutually to rebrand it and focus more on Destination Bloggers and after filing the appropriate paperwork, we were literally off to the races. Dori and I became co-owners and the success since then has been unmatched to the previous years.

Dori became co-owner

The Backroads Team is now averaging 8-10 trips a year, working with CVB’s, Tourism Bureaus, and private businesses, in addition to being full-time public educators.

November 2021
Launched New Website

We launched a new website through WordPress that gives us an opportunity to expand on blogging and other services.