Bellafina Chocolates: Making a Difference

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Bellafina Chocolates in Kingsport, Tennessee was created with one thing in mind, helping others!

Brenda Barnicki new she wanted to make a difference in the world but working as the Vice-President of a Fortune 500 Industrial company, there simply was not the time she wanted and needed to fulfill this goal. So, she decided she would start making chocolates in the evening when she got done at work. Her chocolates were popular, and Brenda loved seeing the joy on people’s faces when they tasted one of our goodies. But only the Lord saw what was to happen next. She was let go from the position that she loved so much and just like any of us would be, was devastated at the loss of the job she loved so much. As she will tell visitors today, God allowed the one door to close so she could fulfill her destiny and that was to make chocolates that in return have a huge impact on others’ lives.

After looking for the perfect building to open Bellafina’s Chocolates, Brenda was ready to take that step fulltime. But she did not start Bellafina in an effort to be rich or claim popularity and fortune. Bellafina was created with the sole purpose of helping others, more specifically, children. All the net profit from the sale of the chocolate goes straight to charities that exist for helping children who suffer from abuse, disease, poverty, or neglect. They currently help support Serving Orphans Worldwide, Hope House Center for Women, Kuda Vann Partnership in Zimbabwe, Africa, Youth Villages, Families Free, Exceeding Expectations, St. Dominic School, and Samaritan’s Purse, just to name a few! Bellafina is also almost completely staffed by volunteers! The paid positions typically go to struggling single mothers and women that are in recovery from addiction or other personal struggles.

Everyone that works there has a passion for not only making delicious sweets but also extending a helping hand when needed. Our visit to Bellafina was simply incredible! Not only did we get to taste some of the most decadent chocolate ever but we also had a chance to watch the chocolate being made before getting the chance to make our own, complete with our Backroads and Burgers logo! The cool thing is, this was not just some special occasion!

As you can see below, they do this often and they make the most perfect corporate, thank you, or birthday gift! Not to spoil anything for you or our future clients, but we will be working with them this week! No matter what you are looking for, they can help you! In addition to the logo box, they are also place your logo on chocolates if you want them to, and you get to choose what kind of chocolates go in your box. Their online store at will help you with all your shopping needs! Don’t see something you are interested in, just give them a call or email them and they will be glad to help you out.

If you are going to be in Kingsport and want a special tour, please call Brenda and her staff, and set something up. They love to show off their spacious work studio and tell you,
their story. We honestly, cannot wait to get back to Kingsport to be able to visit again!
Bellafina Chocolates is located at 123 Cherokee Street in Kingsport, Tennessee 37660. They are open weekdays from 9:00am-3:00pm and you can reach them by email, or by phone (423) 292-2271. Make sure you tell them that Backroads and Burgers sent you!


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  1. Ladies, The staff and volunteers at Bellafina Chocolates *LOVED* having you visit and appreciate you helping us spread the word about our made-to-order gourmet chocolates and our mission to help threatened women and children! You are welcome back anytime (although we may put you to work now that you are trained on operating our chocolate machine!).

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