Best Restaurants You Cannot Miss in Bristol

We have discussed at length that Bristol, TN/VA has some of the best food in the country. However, we wanted to highlight the top 5 places you must eat while you are in the Birthplace of Country Music! Bloom, located at 606 State Street in Bristol, Tennessee. This woman-owned business prides itself on a strong, highly quality menu and a welcoming and enjoyable experience. Their menu takes a modern approach to some of the most classic dishes you have grown to love. With starters like a brunch board, deviled eggs, and a biscuit plate, you know the rest of

Bellafina Chocolates: Making a Difference

Bellafina Chocolates in Kingsport, Tennessee was created with one thing in mind, helping others! Brenda Barnicki new she wanted to make a difference in the world but working as the Vice-President of a Fortune 500 Industrial company, there simply was not the time she wanted and needed to fulfill this goal. So, she decided she would start making chocolates in the evening when she got done at work. Her chocolates were popular, and Brenda loved seeing the joy on people’s faces when they tasted one of our goodies. But only the Lord saw what was to happen next. She

The Kingsport Carousel: A Dream Come True

Kingsport and Northeast Tennessee boasts so many great things but from an art perspective, nothing compares the beautiful, historic, Kingsport Carousel!