Birthplace of the King of Rock and Roll

The King of Rock and Roll was born under very unassuming conditions, being nothing more than a poor boy born to Gladys and Vernon Presley on January 8, 1935. Both parents worked multiple jobs while living in Tupelo but sometimes it was not enough and the family moved several times during the thirteen years they lived in the city. When Elvis turned thirteen, the Presley’s moved to Memphis. Today, the birthplace serves as museum for fans of the King himself. Once inside the main building, visitors are ushered through a hall of memories and memorabilia from Elvis’ life. From

Unclaimed Baggage: A Shoppers Paradise

Long before we had a chance to visit this Scottsboro, Alabama store in person, we had it at the top of our bucket list. Little did we know just how amazing this place would actually be. There was no possible way we could have imagined this store until we actually laid eyes on it. When we entered the doors of this massive warehouse, we were instantly welcomed into the business by some of the most hospitable employees. From the door, we slowly started learning the history of this world-renowned enterprise. Doyle Owens knew hard work and how to make

Why the The Hands on! Discovery Center and Gray Fossil Site Is the best museum in Tennessee

The Hands On! Discovery Center and Gray Fossil Site, located just outside of Johnson City, Tennessee, is definitely one of the most interesting and informative museums we have ever visited. The Discovery Center is a hands-on, all ages, science center that offers everything from immersive exhibits like a musical Tesla coil, an engineer center, and kinetic sand that changes the landscape of the map you are working with. Additionally, fossils that have been found on site are on display here and the incredible staff has all the answers to your questions about these animals that would have lived millions

Buffalo Mountain: The Perfect View

We have had the pleasure of hiking in most of the southeastern states but very few deliver the variety of footpaths and views that Buffalo Mountain in Johnson City, Tennessee does. Just five minutes from the busy and bustling streets of one of the largest cities in the state of Tennessee, visitors will be greeted with mountain streams, boulders, and even the occasional glimpse at wildlife. Buffalo Mountain Park encompasses 725 acres of that was U.S. Forest Service land until a land swap in 1994