Hattiesburg Trail: 10 Burgers You Don’t Want to Miss

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Keg and Barrel, 1315 Hardy Street
Visit Hattiesburg had the absolute genius idea to start a Hatties{BURGER} Trail, a focus on the most amazing hamburgers in the Hub City. There are 33 mouthwatering, delicious, and unique stops on this trail and over the next few weeks the Backroads Team will be exploring 10 burgers on the list. We started Thursday at Keg and Barrel (1315 Hardy Street) and tackled the Keg Stand burger. Cooked medium well, the 100% grass fed beef from Stonnington Farms in Perkinston, MS offered a rush of flavor from the first bite and was further complemented by the jalapeño cheddar bun. Melted American cheese, bacon, and fried onions adorned the burger while the Guinness steak house elevated the flavor to a whole new level. This was one of the best burgers from top to bottom we’ve ever had and was a complete masterpiece

Half Shell Oyster House, 6555 US 98 #1
Known for their spectacular oysters and other Big Easy infused dishes, Half Shell Oyster House at 6555 US 98 West in Hattiesburg will make you feel as though you’re walking through the Historic French Quarter. From the time you enter the doors, scenes and smells of New Orleans invade your senses, leaving your taste buds begging for the spices and taste only Nola can deliver. But, concealed among the mounds of seafood, steaks, and pastas, Half Shell Oyster House has its very own pearl hidden within the depths of its extensive menu. Under the Handfuls section sits one of the best burgers in all of the Hub City. Called the Triple Steak Cheeseburger, this incredible blend of chuck, brisket, and short ribs is grilled to perfection then topped with provolone cheese and served on a soft, sweet brioche bun. We topped ours with bacon, onions, and luscious portabella mushrooms for the all inclusive experience. A tomato, pickles, and lettuce adorned the other side for a cool crispness in every bite. What followed was one of the most delicious burgers we’ve ever had. Our side item was the phenomenally grilled asparagus topped with gorgonzola butter. Even though there are other sandwiches on the menu, the triple steak cheeseburger is the only burger. That’s for good reason too because with a dish of this size and taste, there simply isn’t room for any competition. This was definitely a huge surprise on our quest to knock out 10 stops on the #hattiesburgertrail from Visit Hattiesburg! The triple steak cheeseburger at Half Shell may have been a sleeper on our list but it quickly rose through the ranks as one of the tastiest and most complete burgers we’ve ever had. Not only was the food spectacular, the friendliness and hospitality shown by the staff, managers, and especially our waitress Daiquiri, was unmatched. Not only will you get an amazing cheeseburger at Half Shell, you will also be treated with a one of a kind experience.

South Mouth Deli, 6555 Highway 98
South Mouth Deli, located at 6555 Highway 98 in the NewPointe Shopping Center in Hattiesburg, was the last stop on our quest to try ten of the amazing burgers on the HattiesBURGER Trail. We were greeted outside by Eat Local, Mask Up Hattiesburg, and their fun but easily recognizable logo of the mustache. Inside the door, the deli had modern flair, but still held on to the roots of a big city delicatessen. Large, glass display cases offered meat by the pound, including: ham, Turkey, prosciutto, roast beef, pastrami, and bacon while the case next to it offered swiss, aged cheddar, Havarti, and smoked Gouda cheeses. We couldn’t make it to the register to order without drooling over their homemade chess squares and brownies. They tugged at our heart strings when we made it to the next display and saw that it was full of canned goods. Their Feed the People Campaign encourages customers to bring in two non-perishable items for a free drink. If they donate 15 times, they will be awarded with a free meal. What a tremendous way to give back to the community, especially in a time of a worldwide pandemic. When we finally made it to order, we were blown away by their extensive menu that includes multiple breakfast options, delectable sandwiches, and a wide variety of side items. Then we saw what we had come to conquer, the South Mouth burger. This burger was truly made to order with 8 ounces of beef that was definitely hand-pattied and cooked to perfection complete with grill marks and a little cinge on the edges. The cheddar cheese had been melted onto the patty while on the grill, running ever so generously over the rest of the burger. One thing that definitely stood out to us was the crispness of the bacon. The texture and crunch allowed for an amazing experience when combined with the meat and cheese. Served with lettuce and tomato on a delicious brioche bun, the South Mouth burger is absolutely one of the best burgers we’ve had. It took us back to a backyard cookout with quality ingredients and a deliciousness that is hard to match. We chose the macaroni and cheese as our side and were pleasantly surprised to find it was a white cheddar macaroni and had more flavors than your typical side item. The decor in South Mouth was fun, full of bright colors, and was warm and welcoming. The staff was incredibly friendly and helpful and it’s not so often you get served by the manager himself! South Mouth thrives to put the flavors of the south back in your mouth with their incredible menu serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, there’s no doubt they will do just that! Stop by this locally owned favorite and find out exactly what southern flavors they have to offer. Make sure you tell them that the Backroads and Burgers Team sent you!

The Porter, 201 W. Pine St.
We also had the pleasure to visit The Porter. Located in a Historic Downtown Hattiesburg, we weren’t sure exactly what we would be experiencing as it is true pub house. However, we had the answer to our question as soon as we walked in and we greeted with a warm, welcoming atmosphere full of laughter, comfortable couches, and smiles everywhere. We were searching out their burger that had been added to the HattiesBURGER Trail from Visit Hattiesburg! Our wonderful waitress Kate pointed out the Hair of the Dog Burger. This burger literally had it all. The certified angus beef was smeared with Bloody Mary Mayo then stacked high with bacon, melted cheddar cheese, fried dill pickles, and a fried egg, all smashed together between a brioche bun. I think it’s important to understand what the term “Hair of the Dog” means before going any further. The phrase basically means a alcoholic solution to the dog that bit you (got you drunk). Many times, Bloody Mary’s are the sober up drink chosen to lessen this said dog bite, hence the name of the burger. Whatever is ailing you, this incredible burger can fix it. The saltiness of the mayo and pickles couples with the smokey cheddar was the perfect combination of flavors without being too overwhelming. Plus, eggs are the perfect food so you can’t go wrong there! Beyond the delicious food and family-oriented atmosphere, the Porter is also home to seven of their own beers as well as a huge selection from around the state and region. If you have already been to The Porter, then you know how incredible it is. If you haven’t, take the family out for a night on the town. You won’t regret it!

Coney Island Café, 400 North Main St.
Coney Island Cafe on 400 North Main Street, is one of the most iconic restaurants in the state. Opened originally as a fruit stand, this renowned, blast from the past diner has been around since 1923. Even more amazing, the Fokakis family has owned it since day one. You can’t miss the turn of the century building with the Southern Miss mural in Historic Downtown Hattiesburg. Coney Island Cafe has also set the record in Mississippi — for selling hot dogs longer than any other restaurant in the state. However, it’s when you enter the door and you are instantly hit with nearly 100 years of memories, flavors, and hospitality you realize the reason for their longevity. The welcome we received from the staff was something you don’t find in many places. The hamburgers were cooked on a well-seasoned griddle that allowed the edges of the hand-pattied meat to have a nice crispy crust. The old fashioned cheese burger with chili took us back to yesteryear with a flavor that is simply unmatched. The chili is homemade and took the fresh patty to a new level. The homemade Curly “Q” fries were the best we’ve ever had. The open faced hamburger is exactly what it sounds like. It can be made “hot” by adding homemade gravy to it. We finished our Coney Island experience with homemade cheesecake made by the owner himself. BJ Fokakis and his staff would love to serve you! The nostalgia that embraces this restaurant simply has to be experienced. From the historic photographs to the unique menu items, this spot definitely has to be on your bucket list

Murky Waters, 1605 Hardy St.
Known for their incredible burnt ends and ribs, we were a little surprised when we learned of our quest to track down a Murky Waters Blues and BBQ hamburger that was featured on the the HattiesBURGER Trail from Visit Hattiesburg. We were immediately introduced to the Crossroads Burger and we are pretty sure this is what Robert Johnson sold his soul to the Devil for. The 7oz burger was topped with the most tender sliced brisket and melted pepper Jack cheese. The first bite from this burger was literally out of this world. Who need bbq when you have this option in front of you?? Paired with a side of their seasoned greens and the best baked beans we’ve ever had, Murky Waters will have everyone singing the blues with this selection

Sully’s, 213 Sullivan Kilrain Road
On July 8, 1889, thousands of people gathered around a boxing ring in the middle of a field in Richburg, MS (now Hattiesburg). Most had traveled by train from New Orleans to witness the south Mississippi event. They were there for the showdown between heavyweight champion John L. Sullivan and Jake Kilrain in the last bare-knuckle championship fight. The bout was fought under the old London Prize Ring Rules, which meant a fight to the finish—that is, there was no limit to the number of rounds that could be fought, and there were no judges. Under these rules, fights ended when one man could no longer continue. Sullivan and Kilrain fought over an unimaginable distance: 75 rounds, lasting two hours and 16 minutes, before the matter was resolved: Sullivan was the winner and still champion. They fought in stifling heat, with the temperature well above 100 degrees. Today, another heavyweight occupies almost the exact location of the fight. Sully’s, located at 213 Sullivan-Kilrain Road in Hattiesburg offers some of the best food you’ll find not only in the Hub City but throughout the southeast. We ventured over to add their infamous hamburgers to our hit list and to find out exactly why they were a part of the amazing HattiesBURGER Trail. We couldn’t pass up trying the Sullivan burger, which came dressed with bacon, fried pickles, and pepper Jack cheese. This hamburger had the most spectacular meat combination we’ve ever had and we soon found out why. Their hamburger meat is ground daily with fresh chuck, filet mignon, and ribeye, and let me tell you, the sear from their grill and the overall taste and quality of the meat is something we’ve never experienced before. We also tried their legendary bread pudding and worlds greatest cheesecake and we couldn’t think of a better way to top off our incredible meal. The champion of this day was absolutely the hamburger and we are certain you’ll feel the same when you get on over to Sully’s in Hattiesburg!

Triangle Seafood Market, 420 Hardy St.
Known as the local seafood market where you can get Hattiesburg’s best crawfish, crab legs, or even a whole alligator, the Triangle Seafood, located at 420 Hardy Street, has something else on their menu that is absolutely delicious. Visit Hattiesburg recently started the HattiesBURGER Trail, highlighting 33 of the best burgers in the Hub City. We are currently on a mission to cover 10 of those and heard there may be one hiding among the pages of the Triangle Seafood extensive menu. Right there under the substantial po-boys section was a hamburger poboy that we just had to try. Served dressed with mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, and pickles and served on New Orleans style French Bread, their delicious burger comes on 7 or 12 inch French bread or a bun. We chose the 7 inch The first bite of that piping hot juicy cheeseburger between the crunchiness of the bread completely set our tastebuds into orbit. The contrast in textures was just the beginning. Their perfectly seasoned patty paired well with their sizzling fries. I have to admit this was the first time I’ve ever had a hamburger on po-boy bread but it will not be the last. The combination of the bread and bread is one I’m craving right now by just writing about it.Stop in and visit the staff at The Triangle Seafood in Hattiesburg for all your seafood needs and a dang good cheeseburger poboy.

Ed’s Burger Joint, 3800 Hardy St.

This is a playful, bright restaurant that still lends its decor to a time when burger joints were fun, colorful, and family-focused. Part of Robert St. John’s New South Restaurant Group, Ed’s offers a wide variety of deluxe hamburgers, delicious hot dogs, and some of the most outrageous and amazing milkshakes you’ve ever had. As part of our HattiesBURGER Trail excursion, we had the opportunity to try three of their unique burgers. The Jam Burger combines bacon jam, melted shredded cheese, and grilled onions to deliver a sweet and tangy blast of taste. The Comeback Burger is a combination of flavors that will definitely keep you coming back. Loaded with pepperjack cheese, mushrooms, onions rings, jalapeños, and homemade comeback sauce. The third burger we attacked was the Hawaiian Burger. Our photographer, Dori, has an affinity for pineapples, so her burger was completed with grilled pineapple, cheddar cheese, bacon, and a sweet but tangy BBQ sauce to top it off. The sides of fried onion rings took us back to the days when onions were cut fresh and the batter stayed on longer after the fry. The atmosphere at Ed’s is perfect for date nights, family outings, or just a quick dinner. The menu is full of delicious foods you might find at other restaurants but we guarantee they won’t be as delicious. A trip to Ed’s is like a trip down memory lane with flavors and hospitality that goes beyond anything you’ve ever experienced. Stop by Ed’s Burger Joint at 3800 Hardy Street and enjoy all the delicious reasons they are on the HattiesBURGER Trail!

Mugshots, 204 N. 40th Ave.
Founded in 2004 in Hattiesburg, the small burger bar has evolved into one of the premier sports bars in the southeast, now sporting 20 locations. Known for their half pound fresh Certified Angus Beef, Mugshots was started to offer the Hub City a fun but sport-centered restaurant. Geared toward family outings, college students, or just a foodie that loves great burgers, Mugshots has something for everyone. Their extensive craft beer selection, featuring both local and regional favorites, is one of the best selections in Hattiesburg. We enjoyed Cliff’s Comeback Burger. Complete with hickory-smoked bacon, melted pepper Jack cheese, homemade comeback sauce, red onion, lettuce and tomato, this burger also includes a fried onion ring on top. The delicious crunchy batter is a perfect introduction to a delicious meal. The homemade comeback sauce is tangy, sweet, and will literally have you coming back to try it again. Being known for their burgers, Mugshots offer both original speciality burgers. Under the originals you will find Magic Mushroom, the Gamble, and Savell just to name a few. These have been a part of the menu since the beginning and offer a flashback to the days when the restaurant was just in its infancy. Under the speciality burgers, you’ll find burgers such as the Southern Burger that includes pimento and cheese, the Mac and Cheese burger, and even a breakfast burger. Their menu boasts nearly 20 spectacular burgers. Whether you are looking for a spot to watch the big NFL playoff, the FBS National Championship, or just wanting to relax and dine on award-winning burgers, Mugshots is the place for you. Over the years, these burgers have taken home coveted prizes such as, Mississippi Magazine’s “Best Burger 2018″, Best of the Pine Belt, presented by FestivalSouth for “Best Burger” 2018, and a Covey Award for “Best Burger on the Coast” 2018, presented by The Coast Observer.Head on over to 204 North 40th Ave in Hattiesburg and tell their incredible staff and owner Ron Savell that we sent you!

There are so many amazing burgers on this trail and we cannot wait to try every one of them! For the full list, check it out here! https://www.visithburg.org/things-to-do/details/?aid=6287


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