Its Bristol Baby!! Why Bristol Motor Speedway Should be on Your Bucketlist

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Whether you are a NASCAR fan or not, a trip to Bristol Motor Speedway is a must. We arrived early on a cool March morning but warmed up quick with our amazing experiences. 

            We started our day by meeting at the speed way corporate office and were greeted by a stunning Chevrolet Camaro, solid white in color with red and blue starting at the front tire and extending to the back of the car. A full convertible, the car was adorned with the Food City Dirt Race logos on the doors, a Pinty’s Truck Race on Dirt logo on the quarter panel, and the entire hood was equipped with the Bristol Motor Speedway logo. We never in a million years thought this would be the vehicle we would not only be touring the speedway in but also driving on the dragstrip with. 

            We climbed in and were driven around the grounds to see the entrances for the races and the signage around the stadium. Seeing the names of corporate sponsors and current and retired drivers made us realize we were in a very special place. A quick drive around the speedway landed us at the Bristol Dragway, home of the NHRA Thunder Valley Nationals event. The loudest quarter mile track in the United States, we did not truly understand how the track had received this designation but once we buckled into the Camaro, it was not long before we found out. Lined up where the Christmas tree sits during events, our driver hammered on the pedal, sending us flying down the quarter mile around 100 miles per hour. The only feeling close to what I felt that day was jumping out of an airplane. We then got the chance to drive but I do not think our speed got much over 50! 

            Our experience was not even close to ending as we made our way out of the dragstrip and inside the speedway. We drove across the dirt (recently covered in dirt for nationals a NASCAR on dirt event) and up the ramp to winner’s row. From there, we could see the entire speedway, and all the buildings in the infield of the track. Dori and I both were a little starstruck when we stood at the exact same location Richard Petty, Cale Yarborough, and the legend, Dale Earnhardt stood to accept their victory trophy at Bristol. It was a surreal moment but there was so much more to come!

            Just before the track closed for crews to finish putting down the dirt for the upcoming NASCAR dirt race, we made our way outside of the stadium and to a locked gate that not only led us to Ole Smoky Moonshine location but also one of the best views in the entire speedway. Called the Ole Smoky Roof Top at Turn 4, spectators here feel as though they are directly on top of the racetrack, with optimal views in all directions!

            A special part of our tour took us to the top of the speedway and the owners and corporate sponsors boxes. Some only seated 10-12 but others could bring in 40 or more of their closest friends for a party no one was soon to forget.       

            No matter where you sit at Bristol Motor Speedway, there is truly not a bad seat in the house. Additionally, you may find yourself at Bristol for more reasons than racing. College and professional football games, concerts, and even emergency locations for schools have found Bristol Motor Speedway an ideal location. An annual event, Speedway in Lights, brings thousands of people to see the Christmas spectacle. There are so many incredible ways for anyone to enjoy Bristol Motor Speedway, whether you are a racing fan or not. I would encourage you to not only call and set up a tour next time you in the Bristol area but also, catch a race at this bucket list speedway! 

            Bristol Motor Speedway is located at 151 Speedway Boulevard, Bristol, Tennessee. Give them a call today about their special events, tickets, and tours at (866) 415-4158. 


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