Miller’s of Claflin: A Cool and Colorful Past

Open for more than 115 years, Miller's of Claflin is a bucket list stop the next time your are in central Kansas.

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Started in 1903, Miller’s has the history and expertise to make every visitor feel special!

For more than 115 years, Millers of Claflin has been the one of the primary businesses in the small town of Claflin, Kansas. Founded in 1903, the original store carried a lot more than just furniture. Buggies, hardware, implements, and even windmills are just a few items that packed this popular store.

As Kansas started developing and growing, as did Miller’s. In the early 1990’s, Miller’s added 5 showrooms to their main store, which was originally built in 1915, and a showroom to the west for bedding and bedroom furniture and an additional warehouse. Miller’s is the largest furniture showroom in central Kansas, exceeding 100,000 square feet and Is one of the most spectacular things for anyone to lay eyes on. Even though we can tell the story, there is simply nothing like laying eyes on the showrooms that are spread out all over the town of 700. The downtown itself may be only a couple of blocks long but that does not change how incredible it is. Buildings that serve as showcase rooms or warehouses have façades that appear to be historic buildings, such as a meat market, hotel, feed store, saloon, bank, and even a theater.

This expansive furniture store is also on the 8 Wonders of Kansas as well. Not only are they the largest furniture store in central Kansas, they are the largest family-owned home furnishings store in all of Kansas. With customers from Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Colorado, it is easy to see how everyone knows where Claflin, Kansas is.

No matter where you call home in this great country, if you ever find yourself in the Sunflower State, a trip to Miller’s Furniture is an absolute must. Sure, they are the best in their business but beyond that, the experience at Miller’s is more than just experiencing a furniture store. Visitors get the chance to experience a piece of Midwest history that includes a business that is five generations into their success with no signs of letting up!

Miller’s of Claflin is located t 200 Main Street but the entire town is an experience that you must have. If you are going for a visit, they are open Monday and Thursday 10am-7pm, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday 10am-530pm and Saturdays 10am-5pm. You can always shop ahead for any product you are looking for by visiting their website at

Their phone number is 620-587-3601 and they are also very receptive to emails at Make sure to tell them that we sent you!


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