Opt Outside Must Haves

Need to know all the must-haves before you head out on your first hiking trip? Here you go!

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On Black Friday, REI outdoor retailer closes their door, pays their employees for the day off, and encourages them to Opt Outside. We encourage you to do the same! Instead of fighting people while Black Friday Shopping, take time and enjoy nature! Find a local trail and explore it! We have listed items that you may need for Friday or for your future #OptOutside Day!

LifeStraw Filtered Water Bottle

One of our favorite items on the list is this Life Straw water bottle. You can never be too careful about the water you drink in nature but with this product, you can hydrate confidently! You can choose from a 22 ounce bottle or a 1 liter and multiple colors!

Compact Camping Chair

This bottle sized camping chair can be taken anywhere and can be set up in just 5 seconds. The tip-proof chair guarantees that you will sit stable and secure in dirt, sand, or water. You will quickly see why this chair is the most crowdfunded camping chair of all time.

Day Pack Backpack

This day pack is perfect for short hikes and has the price tag to make any one happy. More than 10 pockets will let you organize your pack anyway you want to whole the padding and mesh will provide all the comfort you need, regardless of the weather or terrain.

Family Picnic Backpack for 4

What a perfect way to spend the day with your family or friends. This family picnic backpack comes with picnic set for 4 for your best outdoor meal yet, we provide you with real plates, cutlery and stainless steel glasses so that this is not just a picnic basket for 4 with blanket but also a picnic sets with style. There’s even a wooden tray for a luxurious outdoors experience like never before

SparkForce Fire Starter

You never want to start a hike unless you have the ability to start a fire in emergency situations. SparkForce is a striker fire starter that is dependable and can be started in the rain. A must have for emergencies.

Hand Warmer/Power Bank

Warming your extremities in an emergency situation is often times a life-saving decision. Whether it’s an emergency or just for comfortable, electric hand warmers with a rechargeable power bank has 15 hours of heat.


No one should leave on a hike without a multi-tool! This one has spring-loaded needle nose pliers, standard pliers, wire cutters, scissors, medium flathead driver, ruler, file, awl, wire stripper, large flathead driver, bottle opener, can opener, small flathead driver, a partially serrated blade, cross driver, pocket clip, and lanyard hole.

Waterproof Binoculars

These Bushnell H20 waterproof binoculars lets you enjoy everything about nature from a safe distance.

GoPro Hero 8

There is no secret that adventurers need Go Pro’s! The Hero8 is waterproof and has a touchscreen 4k ultra HD video. There is no better way to capture your adventures than by this handy device.

Canon PowerShot Camera

One thing that is packed with our gear every time we head out on an adventure is a camera! This Canon PowerShot is a digital camera that has 42x optical zoom that can capture anything you see while on your hike. These are how you keep your memories forever! Plus, with its Wi-Fi and NFC ability, transferring your data to your phone or computer has never been easier.

Head Lamp

We preach safety to anyone on a hike because you never know when an injury, illness, or weather-related issue can slow you down and leave you in the darkness. The PETZL headlamp is rechargeable and has 900 lumens with and automatic brightness adjustment.

VSSL Survival Kit

This survival tool is one that will soon be in backpacks too! With 70 essentials inside and a 4-mode LED light, this may be one of the most complete survival tools on the market. Inside is: Canadian Beeswax Candle. Mini First Aid Kit: 6 bandages, 10 Steri-Strips, 2 wipes, 2 safety pins. Expandable Bamboo Cloth. Water Bag: 1-liter Whirl-Pack water bag. Firestarter Kit: 5 Tinder Quik fire starters, 10 weatherproof matches. Fishing Kit: spoon spinner, j-hooks, split shot, 35 ft of line. Wire Saw: 60lbs working strength. Misc Gear Kit: whistle, 2 gear ties, mini sewing kit, P38 can opener, and multi-purpose tape.

Inflatable Dome Tent

This 2-3 person dome tent is inflatable and can be set in just seconds. The waterproof design can keep campers dry or give hikers some protection from the elements.

Collapsible Hiking Sticks

These corked grip collapsible hiking sticks come in eight electric colors and offer the balance you need for wet or step trails.

LifeStraw (just straw)

This LifeStraw comes in a two-pack and is mostly used for emergency hydration. It removes bacteria and parasites from the water and 99.9% of all other waterborne parasites.


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