Sugar Shack PSJ: The Sweetest Things in Gulf County, Florida

Sugar Shack PSJ is brand new on the scene in Port St. Joe but they are already making huge impacts!

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After tasting ice cream in many locations, we may have found the best ice cream we have ever had! Located in Downtown Port St. Joe, Florida at 319 Reid Avenue, this brand-new cold treat restaurant is cooling off residents and tourists like in the Gulf Coast town. We visited on the day of their grand opening and were so excited to get a private tasting thanks to Jae Glass and Jera Horton, the sweet ladies that own the place and Adrianne Glass with Gulf County Florida Tourism. After introductions were aside, we were able to taste whatever flavors our hearts desired. We could not help but taste horchata, bourbon butter pecan, and Dori of course had to try the coffee one.

When it was time for us to pick the flavors of our nacho sundae, we did not know where to start. Yes, you heard me right! The nacho sundae starts with crumbles of waffle cones as your base and is followed with two to three scoops of your favorite ice cream, and they are not even close to finished! Next comes the chocolate and caramel sauce and it is finally topped off with whipped cream and cherries on top. Oh my goodness! It was then and there that we knew exactly why they were on the list for the best desserts in both Port St. Joe and Gulf County. We tag teamed the ice cream creation with three spoons and barely seemed to make a dent in it! The girls were not done with us yet! Just when we did not think we could take anymore, we were given a milkshake to go! Literally, the smoothest, tastiest, and most homemade tasting ice cream we have ever tasted.

Before opening the Sugar Shack, the owners traveled to several creameries and farms around them before they felt like they made the perfect choice. During their meeting with Southern Craft Creamery in Marianna, Florida, they fell in love with their story and knew they had finally found the one. The family focused creamery believes in taking the time to make a quality product and not worry about the quantity. They wanted their ice cream to display flavors, not simply be an afterthought in their product. After many tries, they finally had the ice cream product they were proud of. From the care given to their cows to the product, Southern Craft Creamery produces one of the best ice creams in this country. Their unique flavors are not easily forgotten and include, Tupelo Honey, Roasted Banana and Salted Peanuts, Bay Laurel, and Wildflower Honey. They also offer seasonal and limited-edition flavors.

Glass and Horton knew they wanted their business to be different because they noticed there was not a spot for locals and tourists to hang out after dinner. So, they decided that they would not open until 3pm and then not close until 9pm! This is made all the difference and has given people of all ages a cool place to relax, enjoy some amazing ice cream and experience the beauty of Downtown Port St. Joe.

There hours are 3pm-9pm every day of the week and if you have any questions, please reach out by calling (870) 532-3660 or by visiting their Facebook page.


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