The Beach Moms: Making Vacations Special

The Beach Moms know how to take your vacation and make it even better! Find out why you need to book them!

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If you are like us, when we need help, we call our mom! What if I told you, there are a couple of moms ready to make your next Alabama beach vacation even better! Sure, you are thinking what in the world could be better than a vacation on the beach? Well, let me explain!

            When we first heard about The Beach Moms, we did not know what to expect but on our first night of Sun and Shenanigans in Gulf Shores, we quickly found out! Arriving at our Beachball Property San Carlos, we were ushered down to the beach where one of the cutest displays awaited us. Their chalkboard welcomed our team as laid out before us we found a dark wooden table topped with the most beautiful décor, including plates with sand-colored chargers, crystal glasses, candlesticks, and beach-themed lanterns. Each element of the table was well thought out to mimic the surrounding sea, sand, and sky. However, this beautiful set up was just the beginning. Two large khaki umbrellas, driftwood, and a pillow with “My Favorite Place,” rounded out the decorations and perfectly set the mood for one of the most memorable events. After being utterly amazed at our surroundings, we sat on large comfy pillows around the table and were served chef-made charcuterie board and a delicious chicken salad. Both were utterly irresistible, and we could not think of a better setting in which to have such an experience. The beach picnic is literally just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what all The Beach Moms can do for you and your family!

            The Beach Moms are dynamic businesswomen who were able to use the pandemic as a type of a springboard into one of the most revolutionary business ideas. Both were involved in a great deal of travel in the corporate world in their previous life but have quickly settled into the idea of making visitors’ vacations perfect. The Beach Picnic that we had the pleasure of participating in can be done for a birthday, surprise engagement, creating a sweet date night experience for your spouse, watching the sunset, or just having a unique family dinner on the beach. These picnics are also available for wedding and can be for 2-32 people!

            Additionally, the Beach Moms will do grocery and non-alcoholic beverage delivery to your hotel or condominium! There is nothing as aggravating as driving hours on end and then having to fight the traffic of a local grocery store to get what you need when you just want to relax. This service takes all the guess work out of your groceries and allows you to get to the more important things in life, like beach time! But, if you would rather have reservations made to the best restaurant in town or have a private chef come to your place to make dinner, all of these are possible through The Beach Moms.

            Regardless of if you are scheduling a birthday party, wedding, family reunion, engagement, or any other special event, it is time for you to reach out to Angel and Morgan to see how they are able to help you take it to the next level.         

            Head on over to their website The Beach Moms and see what all they can offer you! If you have any questions, reach out to them by phone at (251) 979-8400 or and make sure to tell them we sent you! 


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