A Guide to Spirits in Dripping Springs: Where to Find the Best Drinks in Texas Hill Country

From locally crafted wines to handcrafted cocktails and artisanal spirits, Dripping Springs has something for everyone.

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Dripping Springs, a charming town nestled in the heart of Texas Hill Country, is not just known for its beautiful landscapes and outdoor activities.It is also a hidden gem for spirit enthusiasts, offering a wide range of unique and flavorful drinks. From locally crafted wines to handcrafted cocktails and artisanal spirits, Dripping Springs has something for everyone.

Summer Revival Wine Company: Savor the Flavors

For wine connoisseurs seeking the best drinks in Dripping Springs, Summer Revival Wine Company is a must-visit. Located on the main strip, this local winery offers a diverse selection of boutique wines. From crisp whites to bold reds, there is a wine to suit every palate. Sit back, relax, and enjoy a glass or two in their cozy tasting room.

Grawlix Cocktail Lounge: Mixing Magic

When it comes to the best mixed drinks in Dripping Springs, Grawlix Cocktail Lounge is a true hidden gem. Known for their meticulously handcrafted cocktails, this speakeasy-style lounge offers a sophisticated and intimate setting to enjoy a night out. From classic favorites to inventive concoctions, the skilled mixologists at Grawlix will surely impress even the most discerning cocktail enthusiasts.

Deep Eddy Vodka: Vodka with a Twist

For those who prefer the clean and smooth taste of vodka, Deep Eddy is the place to be. This local distillery is renowned for its handmade, small-batch vodkas infused with real fruit. Whether you fancy a traditional martini or a refreshing vodka soda with a twist of grapefruit, Deep Eddy has you covered. Take a tour of the distillery and learn about the meticulous process that goes into creating their award-winning spirits.

Desert Door: Embrace Something Unique

If you’re in the mood for an adventurous spirit experience, Desert Door is the place to go. Specializing in sotol, a unique spirit made from wild-harvested West Texas plants, this distillery brings a taste of the desert to Dripping Springs. Sip on a smooth sotol neat or indulge in a creative cocktail that showcases the myriad of flavors this spirit has to offer. The warm and inviting atmosphere of Desert Door is a perfect setting to dive into this distinctive Texas drink.

Dripping Springs Distilling: A Taste of Tradition

Dripping Springs Distilling is a true pioneer in the Texas spirits scene. Known for their handcrafted vodkas and gins, this distillery is dedicated to producing spirits of the highest quality. Take a tour of their picturesque facility to witness the traditional methods they use to create their signature spirits. From a classic Dripping Springs Vodka Martini to a refreshing gin and tonic, you’ll find the best of traditional spirits right here in Dripping Springs.

Treaty Oak Distilling: Craftsmanship at its Finest

For those seeking the best drinks in Texas Hill Country, a visit to Treaty Oak Distilling is a must. This sprawling distillery boasts award-winning spirits whiskey that is sure to take your taste buds by storm. Take a stroll through their beautiful property, relax at the picturesque bar, and sample their carefully crafted cocktails made from their own spirits. With its pristine location and dedication to quality, Treaty Oak Distilling is a true gem in Dripping Springs.

Island Rum Getaway: Tropical Paradise in Texas

Transport yourself to a tropical paradise without leaving Texas by visiting Island Getaway Rum. This distillery specializes in handcrafted rums inspired by the vibrant flavors of the Caribbean. From island-style daiquiris to refreshing mojitos, their cocktails will whisk you away to a sun-soaked beach. Embrace the laid-back atmosphere at Island Getaway Rum and enjoy the taste of summer all year round.

The Barber Shop: A Hidden Speakeasy

Tucked away behind an inconspicuous barber shop façade lies a secret speakeasy that is worth seeking out. The Barber Shop is a hidden gem in Dripping Springs, offering a cozy and intimate setting to enjoy a craft beers and seltzers with your friends. Don’t be fooled by the disguise; The Barber Shop is one of the best places to unwind and sip on a variety of craft beers. You may even luck up and hear some of the locals singing and playing!


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